And we cried

Want you kiss me,
on that familiar place,
you’ve done so many times before.

I stumble and I fall
you got me on my knees.
You took my burning flame,
my only fire for you to gaze,
where then the sin erase.

I just want to get close,
to you.
The devil may care,
but I don’t have time
so just come
– just come,
just come on down
and come undone
and help me run
to my rivers edge
and plant that sun
inside my chest.

You gave me a day,
that you left it in my pocket –
for me to find,
that feeling that still –
linger in your mind.

So far away for you to hold,
life staring at your hair,
so sparkling and fair.
Your heart will stretch,
the shadows of your love,
to reach out and fetch –
the shimmering light in your hand.

and we cried
and we cried
and we cried