I will make you hurt


// v1

Fuck it hurts

You twist my mind

Squizing the truth

Bringing me down


// brygga 2

I can’t breathe

I can’t see

What is right

infront of me


// v2

Luck is gone

She’s doing my sis’

She’s singing our song

Burning my bliss


//brygga 2

I can’t feel

I can’t peel

What is left

for you to steal



Lay my brick

in concrete meadow

Flicker tick

in empty shadow

You won’t get me down

though my mind

is flaming mellow


// ref. rep.

My soul is complete

My mind will defeat

My heart will subside

I don’t need your spine



// outro

I can be

I can free

I will make…

you hurt and bleed