Revolving mist

Where have you been.
I have stolen a part of the broken sea.
What do you mean?
I don’t know what you wanna bee.
Step out from the shadows,
Let my lyric breeze your hair.
I gaze upon the memory of my melting meadows.
Watching my pride fall down at the devils lonely fair.

I was your bone.
Your still not alone.
You wear my brilliant crown,
I’m an idiot and a clown.
I threw your soul a guilty stone.
Please let me stay?
Let me stay at home!

I will allways stand behind you.
A promise I will eat with my defeet.
I know you can’t bee true,
Why do I continue to place flowers at your feet.
Stolen happines in your presence
But I fear your elevating fist
Your life is my main ingridient, my essence
I’m a taste bud in your revolving mist